Crypto Capital Investments Team

The team at Crypto Capital Investments consists of industry thought leaders, fund operators and investment specialists that excel in this rapidly developing market.

Lawrence Kourie CEO, Crypto Capital

Lawrence kourie,

Known for his management in franchise development and revenue acceleration, Lawrence has developed a portfolio of 10 gas stations totaling $40,000,000 in annual sales.

Lawrence has an astounding business background and is currently dedicated to expanding the business development of Crypto Capital Investments.

Lawrence has a Business degree from the University of San Diego.

Andrew Nashed, COO, Crypto Capital Investments

Andrew nashed

A background in equities and derivatives technical trading. Andrew also has a background in business development and is currently the operations officer of Crypto Capital Investments.

Andrew earned an International Business degree with an emphasis in finance from the University of San Diego.



christopher moussa -cio

Full time cryptocurrency trader that has been following the cryptocurrency market since 2013. Christopher currently leads the team in all investment decisions & trades. He graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Philosophy.


Chris Groshong Strategic Advisor Crypto Capital Investments

chris groshong

President of CoinStructive, a Bitcoin & Blockchain consulting firm located in San Diego. Chris has developed a nation-wide team that is furthering the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. CoinStructive provides and obstacle-free transition for businesses and individuals who are interested in using cryptocurrencies or blockchain tech as part of their business strategy.